Signature Authority

The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia (BOR), in its policy manual, specifically addresses the issue of authorization to enter into contracts on behalf of the BOR. The BOR retains the right of approval for certain contracts and delegates contracting authority to the President for others. The President must specifically delegate authority for a Georgia Institute of Technology (GIT) employee to enter into a contract that binds GIT. Such delegation must be in writing and recipient official may not further delegate the authority. The President's memo delegating signature authority can be found here. Unless you have written authority to execute specific contracts, you should not sign anything in the name of GIT, since under Georgia law, individuals who do so without authority may incur personal liability under any contracts they sign.  If you need assistance to determine who is authorized to sign a specific document, please contact the Office of Legal Affairs.

For purposes of this topic, a contract is an agreement between GIT and another individual person or corporate entity, whether or not it is titled a contract. It includes any agreement made on behalf of GIT in which the parties make legally enforceable commitments. Other terms sometimes used to refer to a contract include, but are not limited to, agreement, letter of agreement, letter of intent, non-disclosure agreement, proprietary information agreement, memorandum of understanding, consortium agreement, operating agreement, and equipment loan.